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Now retired, Allan Armstrong has spent much of his adult life exploring and developing an understanding of spiritual disciplines, including: prayer & meditation; symbolism; liturgical studies; mysticism and spiritual healing methods.

In 1975 he joined an order within the Holy Celtic Church dedicated to the spiritual life, an order that consists of men and women committed to living the contemplative life whilst dwelling in the secular world. He has been a teacher of meditation since the mid-1980’s and has served the order as prior since 1991.

He is the author of several books concerning the spiritual life, including The Rose Priory DialoguesThe PilgrimageSpiritualise Your life; The Secret Garden of the SoulNotes on Meditation; and Aspects of the Spiritual Life.

This Newsletter conveys Allan’s thoughts and reflections regarding esoteric matters that have interested him over many decades.

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Allan Armstrong

Now retired, Allan has spent much of his life developing an understanding of spiritual disciplines, including: symbolism; liturgical studies; mysticism.